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Entry fees are set in tiers so the price goes up as more people register. So sign up fast to pay the lowest entry fee!

While you are out there registering, after adding your entry for New Years Double to your shopping cart, go ahead and learn about our next race, The Showdown Half Marathon and 5K on Saturday, October 6, 2018, and then visit here to add that entry to your shopping cart too!

And remember you have a chance to earn extra medals in our 2018 Road Race Series, and start New Year's Day earning medals toward the 2019 Road Race Series, so the more The Active Joe races you complete, ANY TIMED DISTANCE, the more medals!

Entry Fees

This race has a cap for each distance, and the entry fees are structured as pricing tiers based on how full the distance is to capacity.

Half and Full Marathon EACH DAY - see details on this registration option. Gets a tech shirt AND a medal for each race day (different shirt/medal each day) and makes you eligible for a Challenge Plate if you run certain distances both days. There is no additional charge for the Challenge Plate if you earn one.

First 100: $75
Next 150: $85 (per race day)
Next 100: $90
Next 100: $100
Race Week or Until Sellout: $110 (per race day)

Price tiers beyond the current one ALWAYS subject to change at any point.

Double 5Ks for Kids Only - see details on this registration option. No shirt, still gets the medal/Plate, lower price to help our families. Covers 5K both days.

$22.50 Each Day

5K EACH DAY (for Adults) - see details on this registration option. Gets a tech shirt AND a medal for each race day (different shirt/medal each day) and makes you eligible for a Challenge Plate if you run certain distances both days. There is no additional charge for the Challenge Plate if you earn one.

First 100: $35 (per race day)
Next 50: $40 (per race day)
Next 100: $42.50 (per race day)
Next 200: $45 (per race day)
Until sellout: $47.50 (per race day)

Double-Double - see details on this registration option. Prices are as shown above and added together, but you will not get double shirts each day so we include a $10 discount. You will still get a tech shirt for the Eve race, and one for the Day race. There is no additional charge for the Challenge Plate you also receive if you complete all four races. If you don't finish all four, there is no Challenge Plate given.


Register by October 20th to get your name personalized on your bib. See Perks here...


Wait List

Each distance will have a wait list once a day/distance combo sells out. Preference is always given to currently preregistered participants switching into a day/distance over those on the wait list.

There is no entry fee associated with getting on the wait list. Any processing fee by the registration system is separate, and their charge is to maintain your information in a database and keep your credit card information confidential for the case where you could come off the list.

No one will come off the wait list until the deadline for refunds has passed (December 1). We will then go through the wait list in order by interest for those open day/distance combinations, if any, on December 2 and fill any remaining slots.

We will email you if you come off the wait list, and you will have 24 hours to approve or decline the entry and associated entry fee.

We do not publish or answer how long the wait list is. No one can predict how many refunds we will have requested for each distance and day combo, so knowing how long the list is has no practical use.


Race Plans Change?

We are one of very few races that allow refunds (up until the deadline). Because of that, and the logistics of managing things for an operation run by only one person, transfers and deferrals are not an option. You can switch distances up until December 15. Read each section below.

Refunds will be processed for all those request through December 1st. Email us to request a refund. Your refund will have an administration fee deducted - one fee per person, regardless of the number of races you are signed up for at this event.

Refunds will be subject to a $15 administration fee until November 1st
Refunds will be subject to a $25 admin fee after that until December 1st.
This is a small race production company, and it takes time and effort to process refunds on top of an already long to-do list of race-related items.

Very very few races offer any opportunity for refunds, so we're happy to offer this to our participants! We do not allow deferrals to future races.

Switching Days/Distances
Down/up-grades/Day changes by existing participants will be accepted until December 28th and only while bibs and medals/plates remain available for that day/distance combo.

Our top priority in the case-by-case decisions to allow distance changes as requested will be to make sure that, no matter your speed, you receive the medal for the distance you signed up to complete, should you complete it. Luckily, in ordering medals, we account in our order for the chance that some people may want to switch. But of course, we can't have 1,000 entrants all switch to the 5K - there just wouldn't be medals for everyone.

There is a $10 adminstrative fee for processing day/distance category changes. There is no refund of the difference in entry fees if you switch down to a shorter distance.

TO CLARIFY: A "CHANGE" IS ANY CHANGE TO YOUR REGISTRATION'S DISTANCES OR DAYS. Includes adding a day, or removing longer or shorter distances from a Double-Double entry.

Bib Transfers
Because we have an extensive refund policy where most races offer no refund opportunities, we will not allow bib transfers. After registering, should your plans change, up until the deadlines above, you can

  1. Request a refund in which we will pull off the wait list for the next person if the race is sold out
  2. Switch race distances as long as it can be accommodated

Note that it is never okay to allow someone to else to use your bib. This can lead to serious liability and medical risks in the chance of emergency and jeopardize the future of the event for everyone. Those who give their bib to another and those who are not registered and accept a bib from a registered participant may be subject to future ban from The Active Joe events.


Rules and Items Participants Agree To By Entering Into This Event - failure to follow these can result in disqualification or potential future ban from The Active Joe events:

  • No Race Day Registration.
  • No dogs or strollers are allowed on the race course.
  • Runners and walkers are both welcome, as long as you can finish your chosen race distance by the time limit! With two days of events, we sadly can’t offer extended course hours. It's already a very long race week, race days, and post-race cleanup for our crew!
  • Registration policies may change at any time as needed for the success of the event.
  • The race course posted online is never considered final and can undergo significant change up until the start of each day's race.
  • Awards not picked up at the award ceremony will not be mailed as they are very fragile.
  • BANDITS (UNREGISTERED PARTICIPANTS) - This is a private event, so unregistered participants are not allowed. "Banditting" (as this action is referred to) is frowned upon in the running community and unfair to the runners who paid for the opportunity to participate. Race entry fees go for a lot more than water on a course, medals at the finish line, and a shirt in your race packet. It also exposes an event to serious liability risk. It stresses race resources that were calibrated for the sold-out number of participants and therefore can put other participants', the paid participants, health or safety at risk. Those who bandit any portion of the race may be banned from future events by The Active Joe.
  • UNREGISTERED PACERS - Unregistered pacers are expressly prohibited in this event. In our definition, an unregistered pacer means a runner who does not have a race entry who joins into the race for at least a mile of the course to help support another runner who is registered. Besides presenting an unfair competitive advantage to one runner, regardless of whether you are a competitive participant or not, it creates a huge traffic issue on the course if this rule is disregarded. Anyone found using an unregistered pacer will be disqualified from the race.
  • USING SOMEONE ELSE'S RACE BIB - Note that it is never okay to allow someone else to use your bib. This can lead to serious liability and medical risks in the chance of emergency and jeopardize the future of the event for everyone.
  • Our primary goal is to provide a safe event for participants, volunteers, and the community alike. If something arises that threatens that safety, then a) the event will be altered as it is reasonably possible without stressing other resources, b) the events may be delayed during the morning, or c) the event may be canceled. The event can not be rescheduled for another date due to resource availability in the event of cancelation.
  • Event shirts not picked up at packet pickup or race day will not be mailed.
  • Everything on this website is subject to change up to and including race day.


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