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Finisher Medal | New Years Double Challenge Plate | Race Shirt | Personalized Bib| Earn more medals with our Race Series

Some of the perks participants receive include:

  • A technical fabric running shirt for EACH race day they are registered for
  • A finisher medal for each race you complete
  • The large Challenge Plate for those who complete an event on BOTH race days (the largest Challenge Plate is 6.5" tall and 6.5" wide)
  • A personalized colorful race bib to keep afterwards as a memento of your race experience.
  • A well-executed and fun race!
  • A chance to win an overall or age group award, which is a champagne glass each year!
  • The EVE race is part of the 2018 Road Race Series by The Active Joe Get extra medals for doing races you love anyway!
  • The DAY race is the first race for the 2019 Road Race Series by The Active Joe. Get started earning extra medals for 2019.


Finisher Medal

For each day’s event, every finisher will receive a medal upon completion. Yes, even the 5K finishers will receive a medal! Very few races out there give a medal to those in the 5K, but we should celebrate these active moments! The 5K finisher medal is smaller than the half and full marathon medal.

Each day’s medal will refer to that day’s event – the New Year’s Eve event or New Year’s Day event. The ribbon also specifies the distance completed.

Each medal has a flush-mounted magnet on the back of it. Why? Because you’ll want to do two days’ worth of events to earn the New Years Double Challenge Plate to house your medals!

EVE 5K & DAY 5K medals EVE Half & Full Marathon Medal DAY Half & Full Marathon Medal


New Years Double Challenge Plate

The Challenge Plate design is typically released to the public on our Facebook page a month before the race. They are a different theme every year and are always high quality.

They are also HUGE! The Double-Double Challenge Plate is 6.5" tall by 6" wide. The Half-Full Challenge Plate is 6" tall by 6" wide. The Double 5K Plate is 5" wide.

For this year, there are 3 types of Challenge Plates:

  • Double 5Ks - a smaller Plate that houses the medals from each day's 5K
  • Double "At Least 13.1" Plate - big plate (like the picture) that houses the half or full marathon medal for each day. You have to do at least 13.1 each day to get this plate.
  • The Double Double - Double 5Ks (which are before the start of the half and full marathons each day) followed by the half or full marathon each day. Those individuals will take home 4 medals and a very special Challenge Plate that incorporates all 4 medals. This large plate is 6.5" wide and 6.5" tall!


Race Shirt

ALL entrants (even the 5k) will receive a technical dry-wicking running shirt with men’s and women’s sizing for EACH DAY registered. So registered for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day means two technical running shirts! The New Year's Eve race is typically short sleeve, while the New Year's Day race is typically long-sleeved.

Just about all other 5Ks out there give out unisex cotton t-shirts, but we want to provide an extra special experience for everyone, so everyone gets a nice technical shirt and every finisher gets a medal!

Shirt size is guaranteed. We allow shirt size swaps New Year's Day after packet pickup closes from the packets that were not picked up.

Earn More Medals with our Road Race Series

New Years Double is the first and last of 5 races in The Active Joe 2017 Road Race Series! January 1st of the 2016/2017 New Years Double started the 2017 Series. And for the upcoming New Years Double (2017/2018), the New Year's Eve race will end out the 2017 series. Participate in any timed distances at more than one of our races and get extra medals. So on New Year's Eve you can earn any of the medals below depending on what else you've run with us already in 2017. Get more details here...




Personalized Bib

Race bibs will have the race logo. If registered by October 20th, your name will also be personalized onto your bib!

This means spectators can cheer you on by name. It's a huge boost mentally out there on the race course!


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